Player Experience ELO Rating 2019 Points Race
Al Cantito 1690 1695.46 111.5
Jim Sisti 1646 1538.29 76.5
Jerry Shea 1211 1542.49 71
Ed Corey 1244 1433.88 61.25
Jay Karns 995 1593.61 60
Sandy Sisti 1452 1335.84 58.5
Andy Fazekas 751 1514.94 58
Ray Nilson 877 1438.26 38
Bill Porter 574 1624.79 36
Frank DiMaggio 45 1547.51 19
Al Theriault 278 1506.37 18
Adrian Costa 398 1403.02 11
Derek Meredith 21 1507.29 7.5
Jim Stutz 212 1546.84 4
Rich Batt 67 1459.28 1
Sarah Saltus 175 1421.48 1

Updated 6/7/19


Annual Points Race Accrual Methodology


For each tournament event, Points are awarded to players as follows:


1.  A player receives 1 Point for each match they win and for every meetup they attend.


2.  Tournament Points are additional points available based on the number of event participants. The number of positions (First Place, Second, Place and Third Place) eligible to receive Tournament Points for each event is at the sole discretion of the tournament director depending on the size of the field, the type of competition format, and other contributing factors and will be announced before play starts.  Tournament Points will be distributed as follows:


A.  First Place - Receives an amount equal to the total number of participants


B.  Second Place (Optional) - Receives an amount equal to one-half the total number of participants


C.  Third Place (Optional) - Receives an amount equal to one-quarter the total number of participants


All tournament event points awarded to a player are added to their annual cumulative total.


FIBS Rating Formula*


These are the formulas used to determine the ratings of a player:


Let's say that two players P1 and P2 were playing a n-point match. The ratings of the players are r1 for P1 and r2 for P2.


Let D = abs(r1-r2) (rating difference)

Let P_upset = 1/(10^(D*sqrt(n)/2000)+1) (probability that underdog wins).

Let P=1-P_upset if the underdog wins and P=P_upset if the favorite wins.


For the winner:

Let K = max ( 1 , -experience/400+2 )

The rating change is: 4*K*sqrt(n)*P


For the loser:

Let K = max ( 1 , -experience/400+2 )

The rating change is: -4*K*sqrt(n)*P


The 'experience' of a player is the sum of the lengths of all matches a player has finished. Every player starts with a rating of 1500 and an experience of 0.


*Thanks to FIBS (First Internet Backgammon Server) for providing the rating formula as part of their HELP menu.